giugno, 2016

25giuTutto il giorno26Radda rinascimentale (Radda in Renaissance)Radda in Chianti

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Chianti back to life the Renaissance with spectacular pageants. Two days in the name of historical parades, flea markets and antique games, all accompanied by great food. The event is dedicated to the one who was the mayor of the Chianti village at the time of the Lords, Francesco Ferrucci said Ferruccio. The festival will see the twinning with “ferrucciane” city of Florence, Gavinana, Pistoia, Volterra, and Vicchio who will participate each with its own parade and will see performances by jugglers, stilt walkers and flag bearers. Around the old town it will also be a little market and food stalls with many delicacies such as “ficattole”, crepes and grilled meats. Inevitable the highly anticipated game of “Barrel ball”.

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giugno 25 (Sabato) - 26 (Domenica)


Radda in Chianti