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20setTutto il giorno22Mercatale, “V per Vendemmia”: Grape Harvest Festival’s rich programMercatale V.P. (San Casciano)

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“V for Vendemmia”: the Grape Harvest Festival is back in Mercatale (San Casciano Val di Pisa), from Friday 20th to Sunday 22nd September, organised by Mercantiere, Pro Loco San Casciano, the contribution of Chianti Banca, and the patronage of the Municipality of San Casciano .

Here’s the full program.


In Piazza Vittorio Veneto

  • 7 pm: musical entertainment by Roberta Del Giudice
  • 7.30pm: street food outdoor dinner organised by MEC
  • 7.30pm: indoor dinner at Il Circolino Di Mercatale
  • 9.30pm: show “Le Troiane – la tragedia dell’attesa” by the Teatro Mercatale Group, curated by Rosanna Gentili

In Piazza del Popolo

  • 4 pm: games of the grape harvest
  • 7.30pm: Spritz aperitif mania at the festival’s bar
  • 9.30pm: performance by Andrea Checcucci dance school, and show by FOOLS Animation


In piazza Vittorio Veneto

  • 11am-9pm: Madre Terra market-exhibition curated by Stefano De Martin
  • 12pm: street food outdoor lunch
  • 2pm: photographic exhibition, display of equipment, demonstration and simulation of an intervention with the Protezione Civile
  • 4pm Orienteering for children
  • 6pm: Folk theatre and Tuscan folk music
  • 7pm: short stories by the writer Enzo Fileno Carabba
  • 8pm: street food outdoor dinner
  • 9pm: Images and words on the great routes of Tuscany

In Piazza del Popolo

  • 4pm: Grape Harvest games
  • 7.30pm: Mojito aperitif mania at the bar
  • 9.30pm: musical performance by Quarto Podere


  • 10am: sports
  • 12pm: street food outdoor lunch
  • 4pm: Peasant parade with the collaboration of the Bandão street band and the Centro DANZA Chianti
  • 5pm: Wine barrels race
  • 7pm: Neighbourhoods’ aperitif
  • 7.30pm: The Old Florence Dixie Band show
  • 8 pm: outdoor dinner
  • 9.30pm: show “Le Troiane – la tragedia dell’attesa” by the Teatro Mercatale Group, curated by Rosanna Gentile – and Dr.Why show


settembre 20 (Venerdì) - 22 (Domenica)


Mercatale Val di Pesa (San Casciano)