luglio, 2016

10lugTutto il giorno12"Estate Romolina" in the village of La RomolaLa Romola (San Casciano Val di Pesa)

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“Estate Romolina”: 10 to 12 July, three days of festivities in the village of La Romola, in the municipality of San Casciano.

Sunday, July 10
Commemoration Feast of the Districts of Romola. From 17 games wards and final stage (the Memorial Park, new car park, Church Street)

Monday, July 11
Night of Archaeology to Romola. From 18 stories and archaeological workshops organized by the Archaeological SIAM.

Tuesday, July 12
Traditional “Fiera Paesana” of Romola. At 17 market (in the Memorial Park and in front in way of the Church); to 18 by musical essays of Spazio Geko (Piazza Peschi); to 20 by dinner of the two circles (in Piazza IV Novembre, 15 € adults – 10 € children under 11 years, with mandatory deposit reservations at the two “clubs” and the shops of the country). At 21 music with The New Pippolese (Piazza Peschi); 22:30 to show with fire “Four Feu” by the company La Barraca (in Piazza Peschi).

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luglio 10 (Domenica) - 12 (Martedì)


San Casciano (La Romola)