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The Consortium of Chianti Classico wine has officially put the splendid technical cycling jersey of the Giro d’Italia on sale. The Giro dItalia will pass through our territory starting in San Donato in Poggio, in the the township of Tavarnelle (the jersey is on sale at

To celebrate the historic passage in the town, the Pro Loco of San Donato, in collaboration with the Community Union of Chianti Fiorentino, has organized an event featuring the fine wine, art and sport of this magnificent territory.

For 2 weekends (May 7-8 and May 14-15) the town will feature “Ciclo-Vino del Chianti Classico”. (Cycling-Wine in Chianti) Saturday, May 7, at 3pm there will be the inauguration of wine tasting (until 20:30) “Sangue di Giove”, with 15 of the wineries of the territory (Porta Senese-piazza Malaspina); at 17:30 will open the exhibition, “Botte ad arte” (piazza Malaspina); at 18:00 is the inauguration of the exhibits “Opere di Vetro” and “Il Giro d’italia in 50 bottiglie” (Palazzo Malaspina). At 20:30 begins projections in 3D on the facade of the Palazzo Malaspina.

Sunday, May 8, at 8:45am the “Wine Trail MTB” begins. It is a non-competitive meeting of mountain bikes in collaboration with the Cyclist Polisportiva of Tavarnelle (piazza del Pozzi Nuovo); at 9:15am the Trekking of Chianti Classico starts (piazza del Pozzi Nuovo): at 10 is the opening of the exhibits in Palazzo Malaspina; at 11 the tasting stands of “Sangue di Giove” open; at 12;30pm their will be a luncheon at the Fattoria di Montecchio; at 17 is a wine conference hosted by professor Zeffiro Ciuffoletti at Palazzo Malaspina. Entrance to the exhibits, conferences and sporting events is free.

For further information and reservation for the May 8 luncheon at the Fattoria di Montecchio, call Palazzo Malaspina (0558072338) or email